Is anyone willing to make a cover for my story?


Hey is anyone willing to make a cover for my upcoming story? I would give you credit on my Instagram and in the story. I would like the cover to have a girl with her hand raised and thunder coming out of her hands. I would prefer the background to be a beach at night. Thank you and have fun with it!
Character details:
Body- Olive
Brows- Defined Natural
Hair- Beach Waves and Black
Eyes- Upturned Bold and Taupe
Face- Soft Heart
Nose- Soft Natural
Lips- Classic and Terracotta


Hello @Makg Raven Hood Inc. can do it!

I’m Ms.Kate and I will be happy to do your request. You can give me credit (When the time comes.) Also, remember to come back to Rave Hood when you need help with covers,coding,edits and more! :grin:

Now may I ask you what is our time limit?


Would you like examples?


If you don’t go through with them. Episode Gold Members would love to help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah could I have some examples? You could take as much time as you need. I would prefer it be done within 3 weeks. If you need an extension, don’t hesitate to ask.


@Makg of course!

We have a thread that showcases many of the others requested or just a drawing for pastimes! These examples are here!


I can make a cover but if you need any intros or outros I have a thread that can help you x


Okay thank you, the art is very nice. Is 3 weeks enough time for you?


We can get it done faster for example it can take 2 hours or a day we do our work fast.

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Okay thats perfect!


@Makg What is her reaction to this sacred power?
What is the title?
What is your author name?


Title: Eyes Never Lie
Author Name: Lia G
Her reaction is she feels unstoppable with her power. She feels that she can rule the world.


Sounds like a nice character!


Thank you!


Do you want custom clothes or episode clothes?
What is the look you want?


me too can someone pm and make me a cover art