Is anyones sounds not playing


I am using preview on my computer and the sound isnt playing as i watch the preview but the sound and music works if i click on each one to see which one i want to use


Same as mine


my overlays were all perfect and now what ever this update did i have to refix my overlays again


Yeah. Both of these happened to me, what a pain :roll_eyes: :joy:


How did you fix it


I just replaced them, and updated the positions


How did you do that?


I looked for any overlays that I could see, then used their placements and zoomed to see them.
I also asked for A LOT of help from this thread :joy: :


yeah true i go and ask people on here


I’m talking about the sound, my sound isn’t currently working.


Oh, whoops :joy:
I would still suggest going to the link, the people on there can help you with anything :wink:


change your internet, internet explore for me the sound didnt work so i used chrome and it works for me


Alrighty thanks.


Okay, I did thank you <3