Is cc preferred?

hi, my name is scarlet.

personally, i don’t care about character customization, of the story is good then it’s all good.

  • customization is needed.
  • i don’t really care.

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In my opinion, it depends on the story.

If the story is about the reader, then CC should be used. However, if the story is about a character, then CC shouldn’t be used.



also if it’s a good story then cc isn’t needed for me.

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I prefer no CC because at least then writers can get more descriptive if they want. I mean they still could but it’d be weird.


so true! i’m a sucker for descriptions. hah

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Same here

most people on the forums don’t mind, but the majority of normal episode users do. personally im fine with no cc as long as its not a ‘YOU’ character

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CC is definite a big factor for me whether to read the story or not. I love to read stories that sooth for my eyes and it allows me for better imagination.

In a perfect world, CC wouldn’t change a story’s value or it’s ability to get reads, but unfortunately, we don’t live in that world. So, yes, CC is preferred among most readers, just check out any story from Trending Section.


I do prefer it, yes. Readers can always choose not to cc and just proceed if they don’t like it. Authors have a right to not include cc, and readers have a right to not read it if CC is important enough to them.

:star2::star2:I’d rather read a story full of overlays and advanced stuff :star2::star2::star_struck: than to cc and lose that!:woman_facepalming:t6:
like hand and body OLs

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:running_woman::star2:Also its more enjoyable as u get to play as the author invisioned the Charac.:star2::running_woman:

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