Is character customization important for the reader?



I love writing stories, and I have a bunch of ideas, I’ve always had. the thing is – I’ve never been able to write regularly (in a book/novel format). I’d still be very passionate about the stories, and I’d even come up with more storylines but I wouldn’t feel like writing, so I ended up neglecting them. So, when i found out that Episode allows you to create your own story in a visual novel kind of way, I HAD to try it. I’m already working on my first story (which i already had in mind before I discovered episode) and I love how it’s turning out so far. The problem is, I’m a perfectionist, and I already had a vision for the characters so it’d be really hard for me to let the reader customize the characters in THIS particular story. I know it sounds kinda stupid but these characters are like my children lmao. Anyways, my question is – will the fact that customization is limited to outfits affect how invested the reader is in my story?


Hun, it don’t really matter!! Although, it doesn attract people, letting them make themselves, but girl, do you!!


For some people customisation is a must, like they won’t read stories if they don’t have it. Some people don’t mind not customising, honestly you do what you feel is right for the story because you can’t please everyone! Hope this helped :stuck_out_tongue:


don’t be worried that people won’t read your story without CC. do whatever you feel is best.

honestly, I don’t understand the people that won’t read with CC. if you really want to include CC but not change your characters too much, you could use Limited CC.


I don’t mind either way. As a reader, I do like it but again it doesn’t matter. As an author, I don’t like doing it because it takes away from my story and the amount of plot I want in the episode.


For me, it depends on the characters. If the characters are very well developed with very distinct personalities, then I don’t need CC. If they’re a bit more generic, then I like CC as I feel like I’m in the story (if that makes sense). I don’t mean “generic” in a bad way. I have a story where the MC is fully customisable and you essentially play as a detective. That story is more plot driven rather than character driven- it’s more about what happens in the story than how the MC develops.
In stories like that I like CC, but if you’re taking us on the MC’s journey where he/she learns and grows, then no CC will probably be better.


The more stories I read, the less I actually “do” the customisation. It was cool at first to put myself in the story, but now I’m too restless that I usually just leave it as is.


Ah, me too.


To me, CC in Episode stories is not that important to me. It’s nice if it’s offered but it’s not necessary.


Same here I’m not really keen on letting readers customize my babies too bc they’re looked like that for a reason. I don’t mind if you don’t have CC. Storyline is the most important thing tho :>


I literally consider my characters my children… therefore no customisation is allowed in my story. :woman_shrugging:
But, personally, I prefer to play with the characters as the author envisioned, regardless of customisation is an option. It just makes it more authentic for me, but I don’t mind either way. Don’t forget, you can offer limited customisation as well so the readers can change a few features, but you can decide which important ones to keep!
Hope this helped :slight_smile:


I be honest I would read a customisable story before a non customisable story.
Yes I’m writing my first story and doing cc but I have the choice of having my charcters how I invisioned but the end of the day it doesn’t effect my discriptions as it’s a interactive story the reader knows what the MC looks like so I don’t need a high discription.
Each to their own I guess but storytelling wise their no different in quality.


I’m completely fine with no character customization. I feel like it makes the character more as more of an individual, rather than a reflection of whatever the reader makes of them.
However, the main general audience reading Episode stories might like more customization, from what I’ve seen.
So, I feel like a good solution to your issue would be to have limited character customization? Like, allow the reader to change small things, such as the eye and nose shape.
However, this is just my opinion! If you want to keep your characters the way you seen them, I can totally understand that. That’s what I’m currently doing with my story, anyways :stuck_out_tongue:
~Brooke Johnson


At one point I wouldn’t read a story if I couldn’t cc but now I’m perfectly fine with not being able to customise if I find the characters appealing to a certain standard. One tip I’d give is limited customisation to change minor things like eye shape or eyebrows. You can even choose the eyebrows the reader is able to select from. However if you’re really set on keeping the characters exactly as how you customised them go for it! :slight_smile:


Not really. I mean, I was here in Episode’s earlier years and I never saw CC until now. I like it, though it’s not really important to a story but it’s nice to have and it’s like a gem to me.


Why do people want to customize characters that the reader isn’t playing as? I understand if it’s supposed to be a stand in for YOU as the reader, but if the MC has a set name, personality, culture, etc? Why not accept her the way she is?


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