Is choosing your own name important to you?

The answer to this question is always pretty mixed. A lot of people say the best thing to do is let the reader decide their name, but also provide a default name they can enter in if they don’t feel like thinking of one. But if you don’t get an option at all, would that matter to you? Even if it doesn’t hold much significance to the storyline?


Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me. If I was given a name, I would absolutely be okay with that, but if the author provides the readers with the option but says what the default name is, I would stick with the default. It should not be important to readers at all in my own opinion, the only thing that should be important to them is finding an amazing story to be able to read and enjoy with or without CC


I don’t really mind if there’s all ready a name, especially if it’s unique. I never use my own name but I guess it’s fun to choose it

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Well, I think its better for the author to pick the name. This is just my opinion, but I feel every author has a name for their character since its their story. Youre telling the story of someone else, rather than a story of the reader. I find it refreshing when the author has their own name for their character. Its the authors’ world.


I always prefer to read stories where I can fully customize my character ( I usually have to change majority of the characteristics to look more like me ) and name them as I please. So having the option is important to me whether I use the option or not.

However… if the author has a very specific idea for how they want the reader to experience the characters and they explain why they do not have customization to uphold the integrity of their vision , then I read the story as it is intended.

my story has limited customization and no option to change the characters names specifically to uphold a very clear experience.

I totally get that. Would it be just as important to you if you could fully customize everything but your name?


For me it depends on the story… if the author has a clear vision and everything mapped out. I would not be as concerned about customization. Including the name. I would just read the story and enjoy it.


The choice of a name isn’t really a big deal for me. As long as I can cc the character or at least have limited cc, is usually what I’m more focused on.

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