Is customization important?

Hi I currently published my first story and wanted to offer customization, but there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to add it. I was also kind of thinking about limited customization. So does it matter if customization is available in a story? Would that make readers not want to read a story?


Not important at all, do not include it if you don’t want to. Don’t not even add it if others tell you they want to customize characters. You vision your characters how you want them to be. It is NOT important at all. Authors get so frustrated when people ask for customization. That’s why I hate it, and don’t include it. I don’t honestly care if they don’t read my story all because of customization which is stupid. Honey, you do you. Don’t do what others tell you to do. You have other readers that would love to read your story without customization.


My personal opinion is I like customization for the sole reason I like the character to look the way I want but at the same time if the story is good then I don’t really care if customization is available or not because I can appreciate a good story with no customization. you can always add it as an option and let the readers choose, But do remember that little girls are also on the app and most likely want to customize their characters more than to read the story.


It is your story and so if you don’t feel like you should add customization, don’t add it, even if people ask for it.

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I’d recommend adding limited cc as many people just change the features like me I change the nose lips and face shape only.

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I personally don’t mind if there is no or limited CC because I don’t change characters a lot. Even I wanted to remove CC from my story but added limited CC with very few features so they don’t change the character a lot. You can request for a personal CC from Dara’s workshop on forums!! Just tell her which features you want to be coustomisable and you are done!! Even I requested one from her and it actually makes me feel much better!

yes and no, a lot of people dont care for CC me included, but a lot also refuse to read a story with out CC.

its your story so ofcourse its up to you, but think does the look actually matter, do you have art scenes, do you use body overlays, is her look importent, is her race importent for the plot, will it come up a lot, if your answar to all of this is no then I really recomand to add CC.


No, I have found that it isn’t. The divide usually on opinions usually goes between Insta and the forums. Most people on the forums don’t mind not having it or don’t want it at all. And most Insta people want customisation and are petty about it. But the question you need to answer is, is there art scenes, is the look of the character important for the story and most importantly what do you want to do. If you don’t want to then don’t there will be people who will read it.

My personal opinion is that I like when a story has customisation but I have read many that are amazing that don’t. I personally don’t like limited customisation because it feels as though most of the time it is a waste of time.

Basically in summary customisation doesn’t make a good story, what makes a good story is amazing storytelling and in episode directing will work in your favor.


My reccomendations would just be to have limited hairstyles and lip colors during outfit changes

I don’t think it’s important, but for some people, it does drastically increase the quality of their experience while reading some stories. Ofc less people will read your story. But at the same time, there’s countless factors that’ll make people stop reading your story, so I hardly deem it relevant. Write what you want to write, and if that includes no CC, then that’s fine.

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