Is death allowed to be explained/mentioned in episode?

As you can see I made this picture to look like a newspaper to e used as a “background”, /special art scene just for image reference. It’s kind of important to the plot of my story! Can I blur or draw a line through the words?

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Most of it seems completely fine to me, the only part that is iffy is the last paragraph but I honestly don’t know how much you can describe for it to break the guidelines.

I think it’s fine but I would get it reviewed


Alright thanks

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The last paragraph is indeed iffy, you want to avoid specific details. Summing it up with something like “The circumstances surrounding their deaths remain a mystery to investigators.” would avoid these details while still maintaining the suspense.

Happy writing!


Oh so you mean that I can’t really describe their death, but I can indeed say they died. I updated it slightly…

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hm, I see no problem because lots of stories explain the deaths :thinking:

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