Is English your first language? I need your help!

Hi! My name is Julia and I’m an author of the story “Until You Knocked On My Door”.
English is not my native language and I really need some help with my grammar.
If you are up to help me, I will be really grateful to you, REALLY.
Just write below and I will send you the details.
Thanks in advance!

Hey! I can help- English is my first language and I always got high 90’s in English :slight_smile:

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Oh, it’s awesome!

If you send the script to me I’ll edit it and send it back to you- is there a time you need it by?

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Hello Julia

I want to help you also with your grammar.
English is not my native language but i work in an English company and i am married to an English person.
Feel free to contact me.

kind regards