Is Episode a Commercial or Non-Commercial Product

When searching for backgrounds I’ve noticed that most non-episode creators say that you can use their background in a non-commercial setting. This brings up an interesting question, is episode a commercial or non-commercial app? I know you can make money on the app, but that’s only if your story reaches 500,000+ new reads every month. In addition, I know that episode doesn’t make money off of backgrounds, overlays and other stuff. They make money off of the story. I also know that your story is kinda for your own personal use.
When writing these background creators, should I tell them that episode is commercial or non-commercial?
Advise would be appreciated.

Hi Lindsey! For the purposes of images and related copyright/licensing issues, Episode is firmly a commercial app. For example if you were to buy the rights from a stock site, if you wanted to use it on an Episode story you would need to buy the license that include permission for commercial use.

Whether or not the author makes money from it doesn’t really matter for this. Nor does if Episode is making money from the assets/images. Non-episode creators may be willing to let you use their images on Episode but that would be on a case-by-case basis and you would need to work that out with them. If the image or artist rules say that the image is for non-commercial use only, then it cannot be used in your story.


Hi Arlene, that makes sense. Thanks so much for getting back to me.

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