Is Episode allowed us to have Limelight and Ink characters in one story?

Hello everyone! I’m coding a story and I want to use limelight AND Ink characters in the same story. Is anybody knows if is it against the guidelines?
Thank you in advance for your time :hugs:


Hey FlamingoRose,

As much as I know Episode made it impossible to make LL and INK characters in the same story. The authors who have both or all styles in the stories, could do that during the time that there was a glitch. But I think Episode took out that bug years ago. So, even if it isn’t against the guidelines, I don’t know how you can put LL and INK characters together in the same story. (Only way to do that is if you have overlays of INK or LL characters in a LL or INK story.) But anyway I would love the possibility to use every style in my stories. :wink:

Good luck with your story.

Love A-W


I don’t think you can since some people said that they experienced a lot of glitches.


Like I said it was possible a few years ago, because of a bug at the writers portal. But now it’s impossible to do so, because Episode cleared that bug.

Actually that’s not true. There are several stories out there that still work that have all styles:
The tribe of Malapinchi
Pregnant By My Twin’s Student’s Gang Leader
Silent Night
And a few more.
Not only that it’s still possible to do. Here’s a tutorial: Episode Tutorial: All Three Styles in One Story - YouTube


The link you send is from 2 years ago and the stories you talk about are also from 2 years ago. What I try to say. I know it’s not possible anymore because Episode fixed that glitch a year ago.

And I tried the steps @AJ_PELZER explained and no it really doesn’t work anymore. :smirk:

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Well that link you sent me just showed another way to do it and the writer tried it and said it did work.
It may not work through the old way but it definitely still works and it is possible.
So yes, I guess it still works :smirk:

You still can. Try this way

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And when you start to make characters you stay at the same style you choose. :wink:

But if you don’t believe me after this. :woman_shrugging:t2: Your problem it’s not my problem. :clap: Why don’t you give it a try, too? And you will find out it won’t work, either. I tried several times before when I certainly found out Episode removed the possibility to use the three styles in the same story!!

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It’s not against the guidelines to do this. If you manage to create it with glitches you’re fine


You are right about that. But the big that you can use three styles in the same story doesn’t work anymore for the authors who start writing their stories later than 2020.

Funicdal had created a guide on how put LL outfits on Ink characters. Maybe you can figure out to put both from this guide. Check their website


@FlamingRose is not asking about all 3 styles on ink and LL so it doesn’t matter if they can’t include classic

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It’s not about the outfits but about the characters.

Yes I know. Read the whole thing I wrote. If you can figure out they mixed the styles you can do your own code

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?? Like I said before characters not outfits :wink:

But that’s what I try to say to @Nei and you. For having characters of both styles in the same story you need to have that bug/glitch the Episode team managed to remove a year ago.

Maybe you should read what I wrote. You can modify the steps for it and include both ink and LL characters .

And there’s no need for you to be condescending


Funicidal’s tutorial was made AFTER episode fixed whatever glitch you’re talking about. It doesn’t matter that they fixed it. You can modify the steps and include ink & LL characters with these steps


Hey I am not offended. :wink: I just try everything out myself. :laughing: But I remember this discussion before somewhere else and someone back then commented that the bug got removed by episode. :woman_shrugging:t2: