Is Episode not compatible with tablets?


Need help. I had Episode on my tablet and when I factory reset it, I couldn’t find Episode anywhere on the playstore.
Is it just me? Or if it’s really not compatible with tablets anymore Episode plz change it. :sob:


omg same

i play episode on my phone but its so small - on my tablet its so much bigger. But when i downloaded it and opened it it would go black and crash :frowning:


Oh no.:worried:
It used to work perfectly fine on my tablet before.
And now I think Episode has removed it’s compatibility with tablets.


@Oli3237 and @ItarraAki, you should submit help tickets to our support team, they’d be happy to help with this issue. :smiley:


mine works


Performing a factory reset on your tablet has no effect at all on what apps are listed on the Google Play Store. I would keep searching and if you are certain you can’t find it use the link that Sydney provided above. Good luck! :smiley:


Thanks a lot for the help guys @Jeremy @Sydney_H :wink::heart_eyes::hugs:


Hey but what’s a support ID?? where do I find it??? @Jeremy


Same, I can’t find it on the Google Play Store :thinking:


@Oli3237 @nschz you can find it in the settings on the app


Look up an apk online. Episode isn’t compatible with my phone so that’s what I do.


This is the last thing you should be doing (honestly you shouldn’t do this). Please follow the instructions given to you by myself, Sydney and the Episode Team. Thanks.


i have, but i haven’t heard from them in a while. They asked for my android ID and so i gave it to them (by downloading the android app thingy on google to find the tablet’s ID) and sent it to them. They haven’t responded in about 4 days or so :confused:


Can you please pm me your ticket number? Thanks!


By ticket number, do you mean the number in blue with a hashtag just before it?


Yes, the only number that is visible in your ticket and assigned to it. :slight_smile:


@ItarraAki As I requested above. Please private message it to me and don’t post it to the public. Thanks!


oh right, sorry!

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