Is Episode Really Worth It?

Is Episode really worth trying for? I really want to write a story but I feel like it isn’t good enough and I’ll do poorly. I see creators on Instagram doing really well and I loop up to them and I wish I could be like them. I’m not sure if I should give up planning my episode story or if I should continue. Can someone give me some advice? Thank you.


We all start somewhere. Even the best writers started out not as well. Just keep and and overtime you will see improvement. I felt the same way about my story but I kept going and I’m now happier with where I’m at.


Hey I understand what you mean , I’m new too and I’m still going to go through with my story and learning to write . And honestly you should to because there is that chance your story could become rlly popular and people will love it . Who knows though if you don’t try though ! Hope this helps love :blob_hearts: !


Just do it.
Coding takes time, don’t rush the process of learning the basics before moving to more advanced codes-- I’d rather have a well written story with basic to intermediate coding as opposed to a meh story with great advanced directing.
Don’t compare your success to other peoples. You are your own person and those really popular creators became popular by writing well thought out, immersive stories and worked really hard to promote and put their stuff out there. But they all started with 0 reads.

Flesh out your characters first. Figure out who they are, what their goals/motivations/dreams/flaws/etc are before writing your story–trust me, it helps with making the dialogue feel authentic to the character.

Always do research on anything you don’t have personal knowledge of-- there are tons of people here and on the internet that can/do provide information/insight into those things.

Write for you. I know that can seem hard to do because we all want recognition for our works, but if you write for yourself, you’ll invest in your story development/plot/characters/episodes more than if you are trying to please other people.
Utilize the forums --most of your “stupid beginner” questions have been asked, answered and people here are more than willing to help and give advice.

You will never satisfy everyone, accept it now and remember that mean/obnoxious fanmails are a reflection of that person’s spirit and has nothing to do with you. Let it roll off your back and keep writing.

And last, good luck! You are a person with a story to tell. Don’t let fear stop you.


Take risks and try new things, maybe one day you’ll be one of the biggest authors on episode
I’m new writer, yes i have difficulty with everything but i know there’s some amazing people who like what i do and I’m sure there will be alot of people supporting you and I’m one of them
You should do it :heart:


It is worth it and you should not give up. The creators on instagram weren’t born knowing how to do things really well, so if they learned how to do that then so can you.


Hey LaAlien,

Like every one above me said it right: Yes it’s worth it!! And I agree with @Jae27: ‘Even the best writers started out not as well.’ Those who are big now, started with 0 reads. No author I know was/is great immediately. I have already written a few stories (and start a new one in a few days :zipper_mouth_face:) and still am learning. But before you publish, remember → you write, because you like/love to write. You write for you and for your readers. Don’t be scared or get scared of by your first hate-mail, don’t get demotivated by your first hate-mail. Because every (starting) author has to cope with hate-mails. Just enjoy writing and if you have writer blocks take breaks.
For more help you always can contact me over here on the forum by PM or (if you have Instagram) at Instagram: @angelwings_1983.

Love A-W


You can ask that question when you’re starting out on Wattpad; on Webtoon; on Spotlight (not to be confused with the Episode style, it’s a different app); any story writing app you’re trying out, this question applies.

The app itself isn’t the point. The point is you. Do you want to write? Do you think investing yourself in writing is worth it, or a waste of time?
If you say yes, you wish to write, then go ahead!

As for the Instagram creators, if they can do it, so could you. All it takes is a leap of faith. Trust me, once you’re into coding you’re falling down that rabbit hole :joy:
In all seriousness, you may not succeed even if you try, but you’re guaranteed to fail if you don’t.


If you’re new to Episode, then don’t stress out. If you’re having trouble learning the coding, then you can learn it through a practice story, and that’s what I did. But anyway, don’t worry on how your story will turn out, because I made a lot of mistakes with my first story.


You should continue! I haven’t tried making a story yet, but remembering everyone starts somewhere is important! Also, don’t rush <33 perfection takes time !! Just be patient and watch lots of tutorials :hugs: