Is Episode Still Alive?

I haven’t been apart of the community since 2018 and randomly read my first story again (literally wild asf) and got intrigued with writing again and everything. Im curious to know is the episode community still alive and has anything changed?


I mean, the forums isn’t like how it used to be, but I consider the community very much alive.


what would you say has changed with the forums? i dont remember them much except for it being helpful and active


I’d say it’s less active now than it was then, and the people are a lot different lol. Ig with the people now, it feels less “familial” if that makes sense? It’s less warm and loving and a lot more neutral and rigid. Idk, that’s how I personally feel about it. I wouldn’t say the forums are a bad place though.


I’ve been on the forums for quite a long time and I can for sure say 2018 - 2019 were very active. Even a part of 2020 however I noticed a decline in activity and now it’s mainly quiet :sweat_smile: I miss those days though, to me that will be always be the Golden Era of the forums :yellow_heart: :heart:

I feel this way too, pretty much everyone who used to be on is no longer active or gone and new people are joining and new rules so now it just feels like most of us are strangers but it definitely used to feel like family before :laughing:


Like everyone said, it’s been very mellow. I just joined a couple of months ago but I’m here daily and the forums has been fairly dry :joy: I assumed because it’s the time of school year where students are in college/high school/middle school/parents are parenting and are busy. Maybe it’ll become more active in the summer when there’s more free time?


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