Is Fanfiction/fanwork allowed to be published?

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I’m working on a story that is based off of a historical drama and I’m putting the characters in a modern day setting and creating a story based off of that. The dialogue and plot points are not being copied off of the show (although they are being paralleled to some extent), and I am taking inspiration from fanwork (but again, nothing is being copied). I’m a little confused with the Episode Guidelines on if I’m allowed to publish this. It says I’m not allowed to publish anything with copyright infringement, but under the specifics of this passage, it just says you can’t directly copy dialogue from a piece of work. I was under the impression that fanwork isn’t copyright infringement as long as the fanwork creator doesn’t profit off of it. I know that there is some fandom content on Episode, I saw a Voltron AU on the app a while back, but I just want to confirm that what I’m doing is okay. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

I believe fanwork isn’t allowed - if I can find it, I’ll show you the passage I read about it

Edit: here!

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:frowning: I had a feeling something like this would be true when I saw the rule that was mentioned in that post. I didn’t even think to check the guidelines until just today, lol. I wish I knew sooner, because I put a decent amount of work into the story I was going to publish. You wouldn’t happen to know any Episode-like websites/apps that do allow fanfiction/fanworks? If not, at least I know now so I don’t put any more work into it. Thanks for the help!

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