Is gem choices really a must?

Basically, I’m writing a story and as I have understood like the new gem choices update that you need to add gem choices to your story to get it more up on the ranks. But I cannot add gem choices since I’m making my own custom speech bubbles cause episode ones are :sparkles: ugly :sparkles: (Don’t come at me, I just think they are too plain).
I was thinking maybe not adding gem choices at all but I would like to have my story with high rank tho :thinking:

Any ideas?


I think gem choices are the only way unfortunately due to the updates I think Episode made it mandatory to have at least one gem choice in each chapter (I may be incorrect so I apologise if I am mistaken) (:


It’s not mandatory.


Gems boost your rank. That’s the only people authors put them in it. It’s not mandatory you can have a story with no gem choices nothing is wrong with that.


Gems can boost your rank, but you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to. most people don’t have gems

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I meant to get a higher rank they may be but thank u for the clarification (:

Gems really do boost your rank. On my story, Killer Love, I added a “support the author” gem choice and because people actually paid for it, my story got into the Top 10s in the Thriller genre for a small bit. Before I added gem choices, my story would rank only like 50s-100s. I do notice that the rank goes down very quickly though so it’s shortlived. If you really care about rank but don’t want to add too many gem choices, you could just add the “support the author” gem choice at the end.


But I’m using custom speech bubbles. I can’t do it :see_no_evil:

how do you use custom speech bubbles>?

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Actually,you can. It could after the ending of the chapter where you put your ig info etc.

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No I can’t because I want ALL speech bubbles to be custom

I make overlays

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The choices aren’t speech bubbles though.

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I’m going to make custom choices too. I’m basically making my story extreamly advanced story

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Have you done advanced coding before?

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You can’t make choices with overlays though.


yeah you can :slight_smile:

Well of you want points I don’t think it will work.

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lol then u cant do gem choices unless u find a way to connect gem choices to tappable overlays :woman_shrugging:


That’s what I said too lol😂