Is ink a dying art? (would you still read an ink story?)

obviously there aren’t anymore episode official stories being made in ink, but i’ve also noticed that less and less stories made by community members, especially the ones that get very popular, are almost all limelight–which sucks for me because i hate the way limelight looks but i understand the general attraction to authors

i mean limelight has new, constantly updated wardrobes, more diversity in features/body types, more flexibility with coding and animations; i feel like a lot of the ink stories being made now have super complex directing (i mean literally authors making their own animations from scratch) or that LL outfits on ink chars hack because they have to compensate for the fact that ink is sooooooo limited and outdated in comparison to ll

ughhhhhhhhh but despite all that i still love ink so much, it might just be the nostalgia but i also think it looks better aesthetically speaking. idk, would you guys still read an ink story???

lmao end rant here, just had this on the mind


I’d still read it , ink personally has my heart .


Willing to give it a chance but i am easier to give up on ink stories


I would still read but I prefer Limelight way more. I remember when LL came out, I didn’t like it at all, because I was so upset about the ink style being replaced :sob: However, over time, it has really grown on me :blob_sun:


Ink men look 17 or 71. There’s no in between :sob:


ugh i havent gotten to this place yet but maybe one day?

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I am constantly rereading my favorite Ink stories from 2016-2019. I am so down for a new story!

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I don’t think I would. After limelight came out I just prefer that look for stories, the same way I preferred ink over classic when it came out. I also have more fun writing with limelight, and I enjoy the diversity of body and face types that it offers.

You write a story in Ink then I ll ofc read it. Idc what anybody says, for me ink will be at the top. Yes, it is true Limelight only gets updates which sucks tbh but at the same time, if u like the style and feel comfortable writing it in ink then I say go for it.

Ink doesn’t receive updates anymore so I think authors moved on, don’t use it now.
I don’t read ink, i prefer the look of the characters on limelight

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I would still read Ink stories if they were interesting enough to keep me committed to finishing the story - the same with Limelight.

I personally prefer Limelight. It’s updated a lot and some of the animations are more smoother in comparison to the ones shared with Ink. (An example: talk_think_neutral). That being said, there are animations for Ink that I wish were available for Limelight.

So really, I can appreciate both art styles for different reasons. I wish Ink would’ve gotten one big final update before Episode decided to focus solely on Limelight. Updated clothes, hairstyles, body type and so forth.


Personally, I love ink stories and favour them over limelight. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still read ll stories but I’ve found that ink stories like ‘War Dogs’ and ‘Without You’ have AMAZING custom animation scenes that you don’t really see in ll…

Similar to what @eyeballs said, it depends on the storyline and if it’s something I’m personally interested in.

However, if i’m looking for stories with custom animation/overlays etc I’ll turn to ink stories. I wish that ink would still get updated as it was the most popular style for so long and is just like a comfort to me when I read ink stories :slight_smile:


Yes, INK is dead simply because it’s now unsupported. Doesn’t help that most people prefer Limelight anyway. Would I still read it? Nope, I wouldn’t. Some of my favorite stories are INK stories, I would still re-read them, but I just don’t have any interest in reading new INK stories.

Seeing people said that they don’t like the ink style anymore make me regret my choice of starting my story with a ink style :sob:
I prefer the ink art because I think it got a cartoon style that I very like !
But the fact is that I just started a story in this style and I think there not going to be a lot of reader just because of the style… :sweat:

If you want to read my story : “Seventeen”
→ The key themes are : LGBTQ+, Romance, Drama, Comedy

It would be so nice if you read it !
If you went to read my story, thank you very much !! :heart:

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From my Survey Data I took about a month back with like 400 people that replied it seems like it is. People still like it but if they had to choose between ink or limelight, they’d pick limelight

you can also look at the data if you’d like! i linked it just in case :slight_smile:


Personally I will still read it as I hold nostalgia for INK. I am actually re-reading Dirty Sassy Teenagers and The Elementals. Plus there are some better animations in INK that I wish they imported to Limelight properly like crying for example.

I do like Limelight too.

As long as the story is good, I really don’t mind.


I prefer limelight but if there’s ever an ink story that’s good then I’ll read it.

Was never an ink fan personally. I find the characters to cartoon-ish and only read them in comedy stories. I feel like I’m very slowly warming up to it though.

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Making it my personal mission to answer anyone on here who asks this question because YES I LOVE INK STORIES! People will still read them! Sure, it may not be as popular as it once was but Episode as a whole isn’t as popular as it used to be in 2016-18 anyway. Sometimes the cartoony look is much more needed than the realism, especially when it comes to action stories IMO (cause the Limelight fighting animations are trash).

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I was never a fan of Ink and I always found Ink to be too cartoonish for my taste. I prefer Limelight, because the characters are more realistic yet much cuter. I would only read an Ink story if I’m doing a read for read.