Is ink gonna die?


Is ink gonna disappear the same way classic has? I honestly can’t stand limelight. Call me shallow, but I don’t read limelight stories no matter how interesting the plot looks just because it’s in limelight. I hate limelight. The characters look ugly especially the guys they look like children in elementary school I feel like a creep while reading limelight because the guys are CHILDREN NOT MEN, Whats so good about limelight? Why are they forcing it down our throats? Can Episode just stop with new styles? Why fix something that isn’t broken? The animations in limelight look ugly and unnatural. They look comical meanwhile ink animations look so effortless and natural. I don’t want ink to die and I truly believe it deserves to be updated and treated at least EQUALLY to limelight. This is so unfair to ink. Ink is the most successful anyways. The most read user story on Episode was done in ink so whats the point of lime light?


I totally agree with you.
As long as I’m alive INK is not gonna die, and I’m sureee that there is a lot more people who likes INK way better than LL soooo,…I hope INK is not gonna desapiar…
Amen :pray::pray::pray:


I never read limelight only ink lol


I don’t want ink to fade the way classic has. It is so clear that ink is the most aesthetically pleasing style on episode. Why are they trying to ruin a good thing?


Lol Idk but I think everyone hated classic even before INK… so I believe that INK is not gonna die at least not in another 5 years…


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I actually really like limelight. But I LOVE ink. I’m not really worried about ink dying the same way classic has, though. When ink first came out, it was such a huge improvement from classic, and I think that’s why classic died down the way it did. Ink and limelight, however are very similar to each other when it comes to visual appeal, so I feel like they’ll kind of just be on the same wave length. I do really hope that they continue to update ink with new outfits and features as well, but I think they’re focusing mainly on limelight right now because it’s their newest style and they’re trying to advertise it as much as they can, and I totally understand that.
That being said, I’d kill for some female ink tattoos. :grin:


I personally like Limelight more, it looks so much more polished. I love the soft shading.

I really dislike classic :joy: Ink is Okay! Not my fave, but it’s easy on the eye.


They said they’re not going to update ink anymore. They’re done. And that is so unfair because a lot of fans love ink. Don’t they deserve updates like limelight? Why does limelight get special treatment just because it’s new? Ink is still the most successful. :frowning:


I think I’m the only person that hates ink :sweat_smile:, I think it’s really unattractive and I only read certain stories in ink these days. I love classic and limelight, as in limelight animations are smoother and characters look a whole lot better. (Have you seen the male characters in ink? I think the proportions are all off and they look super strange.) I personally be bothered if ink died. I know it’s harsh and people can disagree, but I’d be happy if I never saw ink again.


This is bit dramatic just like Ink’s animations lol. :wink: Also try copying Ink’s animations. You said its so “effortless and natural.” You’ll see that you physically can’t! Meanwhile you definitely can with LL. Ink is really cartoonish for a reason.

I don’t think the guys look like children, they have the Dolan Twin’s inspired sharp, chiseled jaw line (that is so attractive honestly lol). I do agree that they can look manlier but Episode is taking our feedback & currently developing new features for LL. Ink on the other hand looks pretty childish & is overrun w/ hs school stories so I guess it fits.

If you won’t read stories based off a style, then that’s your loss. I even dislike classic but am starting to read classic stories I’ve missed out on because I was too closed minded to move past it & it’s not that bad or a big deal. It’s about the story.

I love LL. I love Ink too but LL is literally a work in progress. It’s one of those styles. The episode team definitely did a great job to start. I personally love a lot of the features, clothes and animations. There’s so much more you could do in LL & has so much potential.

Back to your question, I agree with @IdaWrites. Ink and LL are on the same wavelength & no way comparable to classic in terms of advancements which definitely answers why it’s not produced as much. That being said LL is already at a really good start (their eyes bounce so human like if you look closely, definitely advancing) + also currently in development so eventually it’ll get way more advanced than Ink, making authors WANT to write with it.


Judging by the amount of people who still support Ink - no, I doubt that it’s going to die out anytime soon. They’ll eventually stop updating it, but that doesn’t mean that the community can’t keep it alive.

Personally, I prefer LL. I prefer the fluid animation style and more realistic looking characters. The features in LL even allow you to finally make softer looking male characters, while I’d say in INK they all look very manly (and can’t really look feminine).
That’s just one upside I see to LL, but, I suppose this ain’t the spot to talk about it-


I personally prefer limelight, but it’s obvious a large portion of users still gravitate towards ink. I think the Episode team is aware of this (they recently conducted a poll on the forums where ink was declared the favorite style of forum users), and therefore won’t dismiss ink entirely. That being said, the team has been adamant that ink won’t receive any new releases due to the fact that it’s older and subsequently less compatible with the technology used to develop and release such updates.


They said that? That kind of suck, then. :frowning:
I do get why they would make such a decision though, since it’s much less compatible with the development technology they use, like @luciaricci said.
For what it’s worth, limelight will probably grow on all of us with time.
Nobody really liked ink when it first came out either, if i remember correctly. I know I didn’t, at least.


Well currently authors are making A TON of new stories which are pretty much all Limelight… so I think that if people really like it they should make more stories and update the whole INK thing. Like new hair styles and More clothes. But for me I really like Limelight :joy: sorry guys. Good Luck. :four_leaf_clover:


Geez, I hope that ink doesn’t die… Ink is literally the only type of style I read anymore… But @Clarkiiie is right… Most of the new popular stories are in limelight… I am starting to be more open on the whole “reading limelight version” now lol


I don’t know why but I can’t bring myself to read limelight storys the boys look the worst to me abd i have to look at that through the whole story no thank you even though sometimes they sound like a good plot i just cant do it




lol the limelight characters look like clowns


sometimes people prefer cartoon style over the mess that is limelight. It’s like reading an animated comic book or cartoon and theres nothing wrong with that. The limelight characters look dead inside lol