Is it allowed to mention real movie names\ real tv show names?

Without too many details, just mentioning the movie\tv show name ;^;

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It should be, I’ve seen people do it in stories before :thinking:


yes. as long as just a mention. like I love harry potter. but not if its like all my life revole around is harry potter


Yes, its allowed:

Example: Have you watched the tv show called Lucifer?! It’s awesome!!!


Yes, but sparingly. As minor conversation rather than a plot point.

I figure the unwritten rule is that if you have to mention it more than 3 times, it’s a plot point, and you should probably replace it with an imaginary movie that you made up. :+1:


@Tyler :sunglasses:

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Is it allowed to mention real movies names\ real tv show names?

Yes, if it’s a throwaway mention or reference. But you can’t have your characters sit down and actually watch it.


And have characters looking exactly like the tv show characters and the characters are watching them?

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Yes, but even when they aren’t shown regardless.

“We sat down and watched Avengers”, wouldn’t be allowed. Having characters that look similar, aka lookism would be also a no-no.

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