Is it bad to use a no colors cc template?

Hi everyone, so I really want to let my reader change the MCs skin color but not the hair color, eyebrow color or eye color. I just can’t find a template like this and I have been trying all day to make on myself but it won’t work. Also, not only is this difficult to achieve but I want my character to look like her dad and it will take 84 years to accomplish that to. The MC isn’t supposed to be the reader the story is just from her pov but I still want to give the readers the option to change skintone. What should I do?


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To make the MC look like her dad, you can just ask the reader to describe the skin tone, then change the dad’s skin tone according to their response.

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Yes I know but she doesn’t have what I am looking for.

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Thanks that’s a good idea but I still can’t figure out how to make it so they can’t change the other things.

Oh I thought she did cause she has the lock template that allows you to lock certain features.

You’ll have to delete parts of the full CC template. That’s what I did.

Oh really? I don’t see, that are you sure?

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It just gives me a bunch of errors

​​​Limited Customization | Dara Amarie (

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Make sure you remove the labels, too. You can use ctrl f to locate the features you want to delete.

I am looking for one without eye color, hair color, and eyebrow color. Thank you though

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What labels? I tried doing that too but it wouldn’t let me delete them or a random “blah blah” does not exist thing would come up, or it wouldn’t give me the option to go back

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Eye color, hair color, and eyebrow color labels. Can I see the errors? Make sure you’ve replaced MALEAVATAR/FEMALEAVATAR with your character’s name.

sure I’ll have to redo it though it might take awhile hold on

Check the “common errors” section of dara.amarie’s website that is right next to the template.


Actually is there a way to add skin tones? Like instead of removing everything else? It won’t let me.

If you copy and paste it correctly, yes. The quickest way is to take the full CC template and delete the branches you don’t want. That’s what I did. I can try to do it for you. Just no eye color, hair color, or eyebrow color option, right?

You would do that for me? That would be awesome! Yeah that’s what I need with all the updated features of course.

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