Is it best to use the guide box?

I’ve been writing on episode for around a year now, and I for the first time today accidently at that pressed the guide box while editing. I’m so mad because I’m sure I have horrible zooms for certain devices now :sweat_smile:

I’m actually curious, new or veteran to episode writing, how many of you use this guide box? I’m probably never turning it off if a majority of you actually use them lol

I always make sure character heads don’t cut off for tablet users, make sure dialogues are visible for them, basically just make sure everything important is within the green box. It really annoys me when I’m directing and it doesn’t fit for all devices :sweat_smile:


I use it to make sure all the important visuals are within the green box, especially if you readers have iPads. For example speech bubbles or overlays, especially for tappables.

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I’ve never actually used it before, but i probably should start :sweat_smile:

I have 2 stories up and I’m working on a third one, I discovered it during a zoom, if i didn’t see it I’m sure I would have released the story with some of the worst advanced zooms ever for some devices…don’t neglect it!! lol

I always do but I know authors who don’t and they get reads. It just becomes an issue for tablet users.

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Yep, I use it and can tell when someone hasn’t. I have personally had problems with where things are placed because they are off screen. It is a thing many don’t know/care about so it isn’t essential but if you have a tappable low on the screen or dialogue that cuts off then tablet users will give up on it. I once read a story that I was really excited about because I had seen promotions for it but I couldn’t get passed the first two minutes. They had a low tappable so I couldn’t click on it to finish the dressing game, it was a shame since I wanted to continue. :woman_shrugging:

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I’m convinced one of my stories is experiencing this for many readers because I have so many dialogue boxes in the low corners (i did that on purpose) but now I’m guessing it has so few reads for that exact reason. Well, at least I found it lol