Is it better to have an instagram username that ends with .writes/.stories/.episode?

I’ve never used instagram before episode.

I made the same username everywhere, including here, on IG and on episode.

Is it better to make something like streampaw.writes/streampaw.stories? Or does it not matter? I feel like I’m gaining followers a lot slower than other authors, even though my read count is decent.

How do you all gain so many followers so quickly? :laughing:

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I recommend doing .stories or .writes that way if you do expand to other platforms you don’t have to have multiple pages.

I can’t say anything about gaining followers, I started using #hastags and it’s helped a bit


it legit doesn’t matter :joy: Although, readers or your followers will be able to recognize that this will be dedicated for episode purposes, but “writes” has a nice ring to it lol.

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My Instagram is mrsjennifer_epi and here it’s just MrsJennifer just like on the app but the way I have slot of followers is I started following everyone

My Insta is @giulianna_creates | And honestly is doesn’t matter, all that really matters is if you like the name or not :slight_smile:

I use @dynastywrites because I like the way it sounds, but I do see most writers use writes/creates/episode etc. I’m not sure if it affects followers though. I think maybe use more hashtags and interact with people, try to post more frequently and do some posts to help people with coding and other things of sorts. Those might help!

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Honestly, it doesn’t matter from what I’ve seen. What matters is how you interact, how often you update, what you post and how well your story performs, sometimes who you interact with can also have an effect.

But I think people tend to remember shorter usernames (or creative ones) as opposed to longer usernames.