Is it enough for first chapter?

Hi I am writing mine first story. mine first episode is around 12 minutes long. But I am not sure if the plot is interesting enough for the reader…so what do you think is it enough “plot” for the start?

its starts with that you find that the boyfriend of MC has just broke up with her. There is a flashback so you know that he had felt about MC like if she is always pretending to be the perfect girlfriend like the robotic Stepford Wives. So she is sad about it realizing a bit that her fear and pretending was the reason for the break up…than next morning you meet her roommate and her best male friend who comes for visit. Through the dialogue you find out a bit about their characters. That MC is a bit old-fashioned, That CJ her male friend is s a bit af a man whore but you kinda must love him atc…Than CJ suggests to MC to go to some new night club .which should be a bit kinky.MC of cause strictly refuses to go while both of her friends try to persuade her that it will be fun. Through the dialogue, you also learn that MC is going for an interview next day and is hoping for getting an internship by a law company and that she is totally admiring her potential new boss Me. Drake because she has learned at school about some of his cases and see him as a brilliant lawyer.

Next chapter will be a lot more going on- the interview, finding out her ex is also applying for the internship and that the new boss is actually a douche and also going to the club and meeting a seductive stranger.:slight_smile:

But I need to know it the first chapter is OK even there is not much action in it and is mainly about getting to know the main character and her friends…?


It is enough.
But it depends on how you direct the story.
Like if you pause and narrate the story it’s effect fades away.
But if you display the story with new backgrounds and interesting overlays and the interaction between Characters … that’s what makes the story more outstanding.
But it’s just my opinion!!!


Thank you.:slight_smile:

I have mine own backgrounds .I love to learn all about episode so I want to have maximaly own background. And I also try to make the dialogúes as alive as possible with the animations. I added music including some sound efect…like when he tels her he wants to break up, you hear glass breaking and I zoom on her face to show in detail her shocked reaction…I live to lern the scripts so I play with pans to diferent zones make the 3 friends to chat while eating…Narrations are like 5% maximum.


Sounds GREAT !!!
Good luck!!! :wink::heart_eyes:

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