Is it Episode Illegal to add a license plate to cars

I was kind of stuck on this question for a while.

Since I tend to ramble, I’m going to put it in a listed order:

  1. Pixabay is very helpful, and here I get a lot of my overlays, including cars.
  2. I was looking at the art catalog to see what car overlays had license plates and (maybe crop them and put them onto my car overlays? (I wanted different perspectives))
  3. I feel like Episode might have cropped out the bottom of cars because they didn’t want to put a license plate

    (I know there is an overlay of the back of a taxi with a license plate, but I’m confused)
    Or, they remove it (so for example, in this overlay)
  4. So this is how it looks like with the license plate, and, I’m not sure if I should just delete it or…?

    By the way, I wasn’t sure if that space was allocated for the license plate. It was originally green like the car (I changed the color, so the original color silver made that plate thing silver as well), but it looked like it.

Big question: What do you think?


In my experience, I have found that car overlays with “real” license plates are not approved. In the example below I uploaded a rear view of a car with the license plate “covfefe” (heh points if you get that reference) and it was approved. I think If you include something like “Episode” or “Epi352” it will be just fine.


EDIT: So I went through my email and I found a rejected overlay message about a rear view car. Here’s the message: Hello Creator,

The Episode team has carefully reviewed your overlay BLACK CAR and found that it did not meet our content guidelines.

Specific reasons are as follows:

  • Contains references to real persons or places that might violate rights of publicity or privacy

I dunno, hopes this helps a bit :grimacing:


Oh, alright, thank you for clearing that up! :kissing_heart:
Much appreciated, I’m going to change it now.

Solved and closed. Thanks all!