Is it hard to come up with the right story title?

Hi guys,
I’ve been thinking. Most people, when they write their stories, it’s hard to find the right story title for your stories. I’ve been having so many problems with this, it’s literally frustrating. Do you guys feel like you wanna give up and not write your story anymore? I am already struggling to find a title for a story I’m currently writing. I’ve felt that way before but I know we all can get through it if we just try.

Best of luck,
Minnie! :heart:

I think finding the perfect title can often be hard, but it’s never made me want to give up before :grimacing:

Here’s a video Tuesday Cross made to help you think up titles though. It might help you too :slight_smile:



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a tip I once good for a famouse author. dont pick a title before you are finish.

but personaly I pick a start title and then change it a couple of times while writhing the first chapters to I find one I like


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