Is it just me but-

Is it just me but I can’t see a lot of what people are saying their thread anymore as most of the thread says ‘This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.’. What is going on? And it isn’t offensive at all as I see people’s replies…

Did the forum change its terms and policy or something? Or haters flagging people for no reason?

Please tell me I’m not the only one…


Uh r not there only :sweat_smile:


Hi @Uwastasia! Some posts are flagged due to violation of Our Forum Moderation Standards and Guidelines, or because they are in the wrong category. If your post has been flagged, please shoot me a PM and I’d be happy to review it :smiley:


Honestly there are a lot who get flagged just because someone likes to do this.
But there are a few rules that even I was surprised to know like your post will most likely got flagged if you post about a giveaway or anything that happens outside the forums. Usually as Sydney said they got flagged because of the wrong category or duplicates but after it’s reviewed the post goes back to normal.


Mine was flagged twice then taken down for being a rant/unpopular opinion. No joke that’s the reason I was given. It was about a change I wanted from episode. (I wouldn’t be surprised if this get’s flagged too)


I’ve been wondering the same thing because I’ve seen quite an uptick in the last few days where I’ll click a topic and the replies seem to commiserate or agree with whatever the original posters put but the original post is flagged.
I just assume that it’s a person on the Forums doing it because I’ve seen tons of stuff posted to the wrong categories that were not flagged – I’ve told a few of them to change to the right ones for better results but they weren’t flagged.


Girl like litch- that’s what I’m saying while I be wanting to know what they talking bout because I can’t see it.


I love your profile picture :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed it more in recent days I think…