Is it just me, or is there a glitch with the characters on episode?


So ive been playing alot of stories, and some of them have scenes where the characters are driving cars. Well… everytime a scene like that pops up, the car is so big, that you cant even see the characters that are in it. All you see are a bunch of dialogue. And its not only the cars, its the tables and everything. For example, in some scenes the characters are having breakfast at the dinner table, and you can only see half of their head. Or there are some scenes there at the bar, and when the character goes to get a drink and talks to the bartender, you can only see the hairs on the bartenders head. This is only a few examples, i cant think of the rest. Please comment if this is happening to you also, because I just want to know if its not only me and nothings wrong with specifically my app only.


It happens to me occasionally for sure. I just exit the app and open again. Sometimes it does it multiple times even if you exit, it’s annoying.


I know right!!! I hope they fix this annoying glitch.