Is it just me or


theres no diversity


your right where are the classick charaters. why can episode not be inclusive they should show all there styles on the poster


I mean if you take the 4 main characters or the featured ones out and then we can add more ppl


I mean you’re not wrong.


Theres 5(cameron dallas?) But yeah take them out and add more diverse cast

And tht beautiful afro >-<


Wow. I never noticed that the Episode logo didn’t have diverse characters. I see a woman with an afro. I can tell that she’s black… just about it I think.


You are right. I don’t see aliens and centaurs… Episode, why u failing us, diverse community? It might seem like it’s just a picture but it is way more! Diversity everywhere.


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Of course they look different, they are not the same people. However, there is still a lack of diversity.


u do realize that exactly half of these characters are directly from Episode stories, the rest seem to be representatives of at least three races/mixes. Or you need a billboard pointing -> “Mexican” “Disabled Transgender African-American” “White Heterosexual”?


There is not!!
Two guys
Three women of color
One redhead
One with black hair
Two brunettes
One blonde

Two are celebs
Three are characters from shows and or movies

Just because they aren’t all black gay trans and disabled doesn’t mean there isn’t diversity!!


i knewi shouldn’t have made this. @Sydney_H please close




I personally would say there is diversity as there are people there with different skin colours and of different races so???


@Januva It’s always the same people right? :roll_eyes:


Person: You’re whining!? You’re a special snowflake!!
Also the Person: Only person using exclamation points - Only person trying to start an argument - Always comments on every opposing opinion- Constantly insults


Just like how it’s always the same people complaining?? Hmmmmmm…




Am not trying to start argument, I am not like that


Tbh, I never noticed that before. They could keep the celebs or whatever because big names or whatever, but it would be nice to have a man of color and/or a Muslim woman. Course yeah, any of those random characters would be part of the LGBTQ+ community and we just don’t know, but let’s be real, Episode probably doesn’t make whole stories and personalities for just a person on their board for looks. But yeah. It would be nice to have a more diverse representation right when someone opens the app or logs onto the forums! :blush:

and also, who is cameron dallas?