Is it just me or


Cameron Dallas is a celeb. I really don’t know what he does. And I don’t really have a problem with the picture?? I guess that’s just me, I’m uncertain on how to feel. I sorta do but mmm. It’d be nice if they were more inclusive but eh. It’s Episode. I don’t expect more from them. :joy:


He is internet personality and actor
From vine too I think??


Is he? I never really heard of him, only from Episode.


I was never a user of vine
tiktok fuckboys took over quickly which is why vine boys become forgotten


There could be more diversity but Episode is terrible at doing it so not shocked that that’s how it looks. :tongue:


Looks pretty diverse to me. Then again is there even a correct definition of diversity? This banner is just reflective of their content, so if anything it’s pretty accurate. The one black girl is just there for their diversity checklist.


I actually agree with you there really isn’t they are just plain basic characters in my eyes.

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