Is it just me or?

since our portal got messy when i look through all the clothes (for males i still didn’t check yet for the females) i saw new things that i never saw and i saw recolors of other clothes/accesories and i also saw that the eyebrows Round Medium (for female) kinda changed? i feel like that wasn’t like that before . I’m the only person that saw that ? or is it just my imagination?

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I think it’s only you, girl. I haven’t seen something like it, maybe the only relatable thing is that when you choose “Most recent update” the new clothes dont appear. Appear the old ones. :thinking:


i guess i’m the only one then

if you really gonna look over all the clothes of female and males you would see that there some new recolors

no you’re not… same here.

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I’ll look at them :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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i don’t see any new recolours, i’m sure if there were, the episode team would have posted about it?

I remember once seeing a “silhouette” recolor of one of the dresses, then the next day it was gone. Guessing that asset was released accidentally and reclaimed, so maybe these recolor are something similar? :thinking: Not sure but that’s interesting

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they’ve actually done stuff like this in the past without saying anything, so we can’t be sure.