Is it mandatory to cry at funerals?

So, today was my dad’s funeral. I am very strong emotionally and spiritually. He was sick for a very long time, it was obvious that he will pass away so I had time to prepare emotionally. We weren’t really close. However, I was sort of his favourite, I guess. I do believe that he’s in a better place that’s why I am not worrying. Also, I believe in a great God and I know he’ll take care of me. However, my evil family kept gossiping about me that I didn’t cry. They think that I don’t care which is not true. It’s just that I don’t like crying in front of people as well. I grew up taking care of myself so I detached myself from people. Nope I am not going to explain myself to them or approach them about it because they are just plain bullies. I am not a professional or anything like that but I can sense whether someone is genuine or not. One of my family member hugged me and told me to shush (as in to not to push her away from hugging me). I kindly told her to remove herself off me because I don’t like emotions. Also, I could sense that she was being fake.
I don’t like to complain. However, I would like to know, am I a bad person that I didn’t cry?
You can share your experience if you like…


It is not mandatory to cry at a funeral. You can cry anytime you want even if you don’t really want to show how you feel. So, crying is optional.


You are not a bad person just because you didn’t cry. You’re a good person, believe that. :heavy_heart_exclamation: :+1:t4: :sunglasses:



you’re free to deal with your grief however you prefer!
as long as you’re not being disruptive to the other mourners.


I’m so sorry but crying at funerals is not mandatory. I’ve seen people cry when I’ve been at funerals but I didn’t cry because that’s just not how I show emotion. Some people cry and some people don’t. Don’t feel bad for not crying, fake tears are worse than no tears


No, I’ve been to a few funerals before and didn’t end up crying. Of course you might later on but everyone grieves differently at different times.


First of all everybody experience grief differently so some people even feeling realy sad would not cry on funeral.
And it is OK that you felt at peace - so no need for crying.

It is just that people do often judge other based on their own life motivation and experience (since thay do not know anything else) - so their thinking is that if they would not cry it would mean they didnt care for your dad - thereofre thay apply the same thinking at you.

also it was in history something that was “expected” - there ware even profesional crying woman (weeper) hired for funerals. So in past it was believerd it is necesarry to cry on funeral. so it was common to fake it just to do what was expected - it was seen as inapropriet to not to cry.

So your family can come from culture where this thinking is still common and they believe it is better to fake emotions to “fit in” or how to say.

If you are as you say strond emotinally and spiritually - there is no reason for you to doubt yourself and think that you migh be bad person. You know in heart who you really are.


Nope. I was young when my grandparents on my dad’s side died. I didn’t cry at their funerals. It feels too awkward and sappy.


yess facts! jinak zdravim hah :smiley:


taktez zdravim🤣


I’m curious, what language?

As long as you don’t laugh, I think you’re good. But if you feel like you need to laugh, then you should probably hide it, because you wouldn’t want to potentially upset others.


Czech. :czech_republic:

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I have Czech ancestry.

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well episode world is small :smiley:

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It’s not mandatory. It just depends how close you were with the person. Honestly, I know this sound stupid, but I cried more when my uncle’s dog died than when my grandfather died. We didn’t speak the same language, so we didn’t really communicate. It’s unfortunate, but that’s what happened.


There’s people who laugh at funerals, people who don’t cry, others just smile. The human mind is able to cope with events in very different ways, and the fact that you didn’t cry doesn’t make you ‘broken’ or a bad person. Most times, people who are able not to cry and smile during hard times are also the strongest mentally.


I’m so sorry for your loss but it is not mandatory to cry at funerals :revolving_hearts:

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