Is it me or all the covers the same? :0

I opened the episode app after months of losing hope in the stories…I came back to see if the romance section got any better…but nope. Not only are the stories the same, but also the covers. In the trending section, it’s all just half naked women or men…c’mon now. Is that all there is to the romance section of episode?

I would totally save episode if I had some good writing skills, but I only got ideas lol. Hopefully some talented writer could save episode.


I mean they may like the cover. Or they don’t have time to get a new one, just because it’s been months doesn’t mean they’re going to change the cover. :slight_smile:


Hmm, I think you misunderstood me. I’m not saying that they should change the covers Everytime. That’s a load of work my friend. I am saying that…it looks like everyone literally have the same covers as each other. All the trending section have half naked male and female. So it almost looks like they are all the same stories. Which knowing episode…they probably are all about bad boys.


A lot of topics in stories are the same or similar and there is a chance that a lot of the covers look similar.


I think people need to realize that not all romance is Hot! Saucy! Sexy! so you do not need half naked people on the cover. What about hugging? Kissing? Nurturing? Sharing Experiences?


Oh lmao sorry :joy: but that is true


All sexual. All revealing and “romantic”. No diversity. All generic characters. Lmao. It’s never going to end.


Well I guess if all the stories are gonna be the same, then the covers might as well be the same right? Lol

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I agreee most covers for romance is always…the same…same pose but different angles but concept the same…worse still the ideas or writing may be the same though.

Dont get me wrong the covers are nice…but to me individually. But collectively as a whole everyone blends in and none stands out… #same as Collegeapplications


Yeah, the art is pretty good, and everything looks nice and all. But then it just kinda gets old and it makes the stories all look they are literally the samething.


Not just you thinking that.
If I look through the ones you’ve uploaded, I know that one thing is guaranteed if I play them: sex! :open_mouth: And arguably, there’s nothing wrong with that (as long as it is within guidelines), but it doesn’t tell me anything else about the story and makes it look like the whole focus is just the two characters on the cover boning each other for 40+ episodes lol

Weird thing, but anyone else notice a lot of them have the female on the cover with her back turned?


I would think it’s because they’re CC stories so they don’t want a face on the girl because that’s supposed to be the reader being held by the guy :man_shrugging:t5:


Huh, kind of smart.


And to think we are brought up with the phrase ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’… but that’s what majority of us do now…because we are all brought up in the digital age where most things are visual like adds and videos and even gaming. So it is really tough NOT to judge a book by its cover…in fact ironically enough just by looking at the covers most of us are already judging the books content. (And best part… we are mostly accurate…)


This seems like a good marketing strategy. It makes me want to make a cover of a half naked guy being embraced by a half naked woman to see what the response would be :thinking:


And not to mention those covers are mostly made by professional 3D artists… so it definitely looks appealing and tough to beat for others who also want the same attraction, attention and appeal for their own stories…more appealing = more reads(even if the storyline is cliche, overused, bad language or directing)…more reads = higher ratings = rising in trending section = makes it to the top list = higher chance of getting payment by the company #ViciousCycle #TheImportanceofCoversUnfortunately Like what @XxAlphaBetaxX said Good Marketing strategy. Trends and perspective of today’s society which brings us to the question of what society is heading towards these days. (Yes I’m deep sometimes.)

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So true
We need more of these


Yeah tired of half naked ppl in provacative clothing as a cover they are the same thing and same story


And put it on a story that has nothing to do with romance :laughing: Please, I dare you


Oh shit. Like that line story? :joy: