Is it my laptop or is this happening to others to?!?!?!?

whenever I position my overlays somewhere and then preview after pasting it on my script, for some reason the overlay disappears?!!? I checked on my phone and its the same situation! I am so confused, since its both my phone and my laptop

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Me too! This happened to me when I was testing out my tappable overlay; and it disappeared so there’s nothing to tap! :confused: I tried rearanging the script so many times because I thought it was the code but everytime I checked, it was there- and then if I moved another overlay (a hand overlay to press the lift button) it would just mess up the whole thing again.

yeah! so right now I’m just putting them in the default position even though it looks slightly awkward! thanks for letting me know its just not me!

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Thank god! I’ll just move on to the next scene for now then! I’m thankful you have this problem too, since now I don’t need to keep trying!

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