Is it ok to mention name of celebrities in the stories?

I won’t include celebrities in the stories, but their names are just simply mentioned during the conversation. Like let’s say one of my characters have mentioned Justin Bieber in a conversation. I’m considering on changing it to Destin Beaver instead just in case. I don’t want to risk copyright on celebrities’ names, if that’s even possible.

sure … like saying you’re listening to Katy Perry or stuff like that … shouldn’t be a problem

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Like @LeviTheLunatic said, mentioning celebrities is perfectly fine.

I just thought I’d add in that the updated Content Guidelines say:

So you should be just fine! :relaxed:

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@LeviTheLunatic @MateaH Oh, thats a relief! :slight_smile: Thanks guys!

Thanks to everyone for responding! Closing thread :v:t2: