Is it okay if I don't introduce the points system in my story until a bit later?

I’ve seen that in most stories authors like to introduce the points system earlier in the first chapter but it feels a bit off if I introduce it that early for my story. I’ve been wondering, is it fine if I introduce it a bit later maybe around chapter 2 or 3? Or is it something that will be disliked by readers etc? I just have no clue where and when I can drop the system into my story (I want to add it). Please help, if you can


Hey I think it’s fine if you add the point system in the 2&3 chapter just make sure to say something in those saying there is a point system and explaining it . Another thing you can do is at the end of chapter 1 maybe have a Q&A and have is there going to be a point system one and then say that it will be in chapter # and you’ll explain more in that chapter .

You might be able to add the point system in if the reader makes the right choice if that makes sense of if you want to have it where they get points for different characteristics / moods they show then you can do that too .

I hope this helped you out and lmk if u need anymore help ! Good luck with ur story .

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Thank you so much for the idea, I’ll make sure to do that! :smiling_face:

I also thought of having a point system based on how close or “further away” the reader can be towards the love interest (relationship wise) but I’ve been thinking would this even work out in a nice way because I’m hoping to make it a slow burn romance story?

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One of the things I find most annoying is every author explaining what the point system has in relation to the outcome to the story. Don’t get me wrong, I know that each point system is unique to each story but I find it a bit repetitive.

You get a point each time you’re nice to [insert LI name]. If you are good to your friends they will help you back. that sort of thing.

Unless a reader new to episode, they will already know the basics of the point system.

My advice: don’t bother explaining in the story. Explain in in the FAQ section so the reader can have the choice to skip over it if the wish.

I thought I’d express my opinion.

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