Is it okay if the 1st episode is short?


Is it okay if the 1st episode is only 500 lines, or do I have to code more to engage the people into my story?


It’s ok. Just let them know the others will be longer!


Oh, ok!


500 hundred seems like a little to me.
But it really depends on what “lines” mean to you. Like are you talking about 500 lines of dialogue or 500 including dialogue and directing? Plus you should also think about if you think the first episode pulls people to the second episode. Yeah the first episode is pass free but people don’t want to waste their time. I personally don’t care if the first episode is short if it’s good :woman_shrugging:t5:


Hmmm… sounds good, I’ll take your advice too.


I personally don’t like when they are too short and author is promising they’ll get longer. It makes me want exit the story straight away.


Okay maybe I’ll write 800-1000.


Have a look here to know other people’s opinions:


thanks, too!


Is 800 lines good?


Ok… thanks for your advice, im just tired, so ill probably do it tomorrow.


Yeah true mine is around 2900 or 3000 lines and its still 10 - 15 minutes long…:joy::joy:


I don’t know why this is still open, but if anyone wants to add, then go ahead!