Is it okay to make the MC of my story Black if I am white?

I am writing a story with a fully customizable MC who doesn’t have any particular ethnicity. However, the default look I’ve designed is Black because that’s just the way I picture my character. But I myself am white and don’t even have any Black friends (I live in a country where only 0,06% of the population are Black).
So I am asking my fellow Black members of the community: is doing this okay?


It’s totally okay…it’s your imagination and you are giving full CC right…then what’s the matter

I feel like I could have written this. its pretty much me too

but anyway, I have a black MC too and I am white. no one have had a problem with that, and many others have too made a black MC while been white. black People have made white MC.

its your story, as long you aren’t working on stereotypes or worse been racist. there is nothing wrong with making a black MC.

I can not promise no one will complain. but there always is someone who complain. if you make the MC white someone will complain over that too.

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Yeah, it’s fine. I’m black myself. As long as you don’t stereotype or offered anyone you should be ok.


That’s completely fine, especially since the reader will be able to be customize the character anyway :joy:


Hi! I’m also white, but I have a point to make that no one has said yet x

So long as you don’t write about their struggles and trauma because it is not our job to speak for the lives of black people. It is our job to use our privilege to step away and give space so that their voices are heard.

However as it seems you have CC, this won’t be the focus of your story.


Why should it be a problem?


I don’t see the problem in that. Good luck with your story :smiley:

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I see no problem with this, especially if you’re allowing full CC.

I think this sums up perfectly the whole thing! Good luck with your story!

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