Is It Okay to Replicate Templates?

I’ve just done a customisation thing and then I realised I was using elements of @Dara.Amarie’s template on the portal, so I check her Instagram and see that she was the creator of the one I had seen and tried to replicate and the one she has you have to pay money for. I feel guilty, I’m unsure whether I should still use mine, try and ask for permission or what-not. What’s the general rule for templates?

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I don’t think you have to pay to use her templates. I never seen someone pay her for her templates. They only person I think who pays for templates is Mary D Sava, (I am NOT SURE if this is true, or not, so correct me if I am wrong, because Mary uses Patreon, some don’t use it…) Dara templates are for free on her website, and as along as you give credits to her, u should be fine.

Now, replicating someone’s template, I think you maybe need to ask permission from @Dara.Amarie because all of her templates, everything she did was all hard work, soooooo I think you need to speak with Dara. She could answer your questions.

That’s part of the issue, it’s not exact because I didnt know. But it’s definitely similar enough to see the issue, also,

And in her Insta, it says that Dm’s are closed

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Ohhhhh, the coffee, well i didn’t know about that one, so Im not so sure, but still message her, and wait for her response, I don’t know when she’s planning on reopening her DMs, so I don’t know. Or, U can email her, I think her email is on her website.

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you can tag Dara @Dara.Amarie here and discus it directly with her. Not seeing the script its hard to guess if you had violated her author rights or not.

If you only recreated it not using her overlays and script and you simply figured it out by yourself how is it done then its yours script. You just got inspired by it.

But if you had acces to the script and overlays from Dara then its probably not OK in my opinion.

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yeah, just to be sure, send her an email

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joseph evans took money too

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like if you dont use her templet, or her art. there is nothing wrong

I saw once someone had screenshoted a tappable cc templet in a story and uploaded it, that is clerely wrong, its not like the art is hard to make anyway.

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Hi, everyone. I e-nailed and she said a similar thing. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


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