Is it okay to take inspiration this book?

My story take inspiration from the book Sunkissed but i’m worried it may be too similar.

I’m thinking of writing a story about a stuck up and wealthy girl(MC) who’s parents take her to a sleepaway camp for the summer. The camp doesn’t allow social media, and she’s already dealing with an ex of her’s cheating on her days before leaving for camp so she’s extremely unhappy about her situation.
At the camp she meets a camp counselor, the MC immediatly is attracted to him. However he just see’s her as a bratty rich girl. Over time they become more connected and he starts to fall for her.

It’s sorta like a she fell first, but he fell harder type of story.

I feel like my plots super similar to the book Sunkissed, but it’s something I really want to bring to life in episode. Any suggestions?

You can look up the book description if you haven’t heard of it.

I looked up Sunkissed and based on that and your story, I don’t think you’re copying. As long as you put a twist (like the betraying ex and the spoiled main character), I think you’re free to write this story.

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U can get inspired from it but do not copy the whole thing, I know everyone will say that lol. Get some ideas that you can include in it to make it a bit different, spice it up a bit. U can also get inspired by movies/tv-shows/books, etc.

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