Is it only me who don't know i am which type of girl ? ╰(*°▽°*)╯^_^

You know sometimes i get confused which type of girl i am??? :sweat_smile: :joy:
Like am i girly or tomboy?
or i am nerdy or not sometimes i am like yayyyyyyyyy lets go somewhere and other time i don’t wanna go anywhere so can you tell me which type of girl u r :sweat_smile:


Nahh girl I am like that too

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I like watching makeup tutorial but not doing it…i love cute dresses and i wish i had them but i know i won’t wear it! coz they are kinda irritating and you have sit with your legs joined and all and i cant do it


I’m guess I’m a mix of a girly girl and a tomboy.

Like I like doing/wearing girly things but not too girly, that gets me uncomfy. And same for the tomboy.

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haha i dont remember last time i bought skirts and frok…i have only 1 cute peach dress which i wore only 2 times otherwise i have boyfriend shirts and shorts and these type of dresses :joy:

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Yeah. I have many cute dress like pink, blue ect. I wear them often. But I also have black short dresses and I wear them too. I love studying but sometimes hanging out too.
Maybe a mixed personality

being now in 8th maths having x and y i dont kinda like studying now i get good maks but i cant call myself a nerd

Nd I’m in high school first year but I still love maths

You are unique then…i am from india so according to here i will start high school next year in 9th and my mom’s like study,be serious its not a small class…

According to Cal it’s 11th

Ohh wow

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But science is more interesting (Biology specially)

Yaa i like science until this year my teacher changed :pensive: :expressionless:

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Oh that’s bad

I know she was my favourite teacher she taught me in 6th too but the good thing is i she can be my teacher next year

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then you have to wait


same here I am still confused myself about which type of girl I am ?

:joy: hahaha i know… you know what is makeup for me?
Kajal, eyeliner ,moustrizer and lipstick even lip balm girls in my class wear this idk how they wear them i mean my lips feels so dry after applying lip balm

I guess Im A girly and Tomboy girl​:sweat_smile: because I also like dresses but never actually wear them :sweat_smile:, Sometimes if there are sequence they irritate me