Is it possible for anyone to create a cover art for my story?

Hi, I was wondering if there’s anybody who can create some cover art for me? I would very much appreciate it and of course credit will be given!
Info : Character - ( My main character Enchantress Thana - Only character I’d like on the cover if possible thx )

Episode Name: Currently I don’t want the name of the episode in the title, Just the statement " The Throne Is Mine " Above her
Cover Info: Enchantress is standing in the middle with fire surrounding her- With the statement I made above her ( The Throne Is Mine ) and " By, SugarWolf" Under her /at the bottom. The only preference for how it looks would be for it to be vertical instead of horizontal.
Thankyou so much and again credit will be given for your hard work spent on helping me with this process!
Btw ~~~~ If I didn’t mention any info that you might need , Just make it up I honestly don’t care I’m just blessed that someone would even help me with this, again, Thank you sooosososo much!!!<3

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I can help but sadly I can’t at the moment if u need it drawn. I can edit now tho

Nope no need for drawn just photoshop or however people make it without it having to be drawn xD- But I understand if you’re busy; Thanks!

I can do it I just finished my last pfp request so I’m free

Do u need to see some of my work first?

Episode harmony or Episode frosty can and @Kalizzza is in both

Alright That’d Be Awesome If You Could Create Something ( Anything ); I would really appreciate it!

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Can you resend the details here

Ofcourse Thank You So Much for the Info!

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Yw love


Well I guess that’s off my list


Oh dear I am so sorry!


Ah whatever it’s fine. :ok_hand:t5:

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Thank you so much!