Is it possible to beta a published story?

So, I want my friend to preview an unpublished episode of my published story, is that possible, how? or you can only beta unpublished stories?

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Anyone can! In the web previewer, you should see where the options for character and etc. Scroll down and then you see a link!

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Yeah, but it says:

Share your story and improve your rank!

Your shared story will update each time you update the published story.

So that means that’s a link to the story, to play published episodes as everyone else, I want my friend to play an unpublished episode, one that no one else can see. But I can’t see a link for that :frowning:

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Hm, not really sure then, I thought that made it work like that since that is what my friend did…I know it’s possible though

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Pretty sure it’s the same link to share as the regular link. If your story is not published, then the link should be the same as if it is published.