Is it possible to edit published episodes?

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Pretty much as the title says is it possible to edit published episodes? I’m a little anxious about posting my first ever story and I want to know I can change it if needed?


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yes you can, but I think the reader would have to re-read that chapter i think if i’m not mistaken!


You can edit any episodes at any time after publishing. You could even clear the entire script and start over if you wanted to! But if you update and save it, existing readers would be forced to re-read the previous episode before they can move on to the next one :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s totally possible! If you do, the reader will get a free extra pass so that they can reread the chapter which you edited.

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Brilliant thank u so much!

Just adding on to what everyone else said- it will force the reader to re-read the previous episode, which if you made a major change is good, but if you just fixed some small stuff like a spelling error or a layering issue, you can put in a ‘Skip Chapter option’. Do not do this if there’s any remembered choices, gains, or character points in the chapter.

   Would you like to skip this chapter?

choice "Yes, skip please!" {

   Skipping chapter!

goto chapterend

} "No, let me read!" {



And at the very end of your chapter put in:

label chapterend
&zoom reset

But would this show up for everyone? Including new readers who haven’t read it yet?

Yes it would. You can put in another line like “If you’ve already read this chapter, you can skip”.

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Ah ok! Thanks so much.