Is it possible to get feedback on story which is not yet published?

Hi, I am new to the story making. I have finished 1 chapter and have 80% of 2 chapters. I would like to get feedback on the story before I publish it…but I don’t know if it is possible to share the story with someone without making it officially open for public. If it is possible please let me know how to do it.:slight_smile:


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If you go to your main screen of writer’s portal you will see this

Share your story with friends!

Your shared story will update each time you save chapters without errors.

Copy and paste the link then put it on the feedback thread

I don’t mind if you do but my story is in construction mode so be aware of it not looking that great haha.

Thanks - and what about backgrounds? I have custom backgrounds some of them still pending for approval - will you be able to see the scene with such background when I give here the link?

If you state that saying don’t worry about backgrounds, they are waiting to be approved, that way when they see it they know already, just make sure whatever you have in place, makes sense to the reader.

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