Is it possible to have a duplicate character run at the same time as the main?

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Anyways, I’m attempting the mirror trick. I’m having my mc run into the bathroom, and I want to make it look like the duplicate character (her reflection) mirrors her (So as she’s running, and duplicate character is also running to make it look like her reflection).

Here’s what I have so far:

PS I want to keep the @follow ANGIE to zone 2, but I can’t figure out a way that as the camera is following her to the bathroom, the duplicate character runs at the same time she’s running to the mirror. Tried taking out @follow and used @pan, but that made things worse.

&pan to zone 2 in 3
@CHARACTER1 walks to spot in zone 2 in 3 and CHARACTER1 does it while run_neutral and CHARACTER2 walks to spot in zone 2 in 3 and CHARACTER2 does it while run_neutral

Change the animations as needed as well as seconds. Your pan seconds & the time it takes for your characters to get to their zone must be the same.

Edit: Make sure you put the spot coordinates you want. For more on that:

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