Is it possible to have a pannable scene without a tappable overlay?

So basically I would like to create a scene where you can slide, but I don’t want to involve a tappable overlay.

is it possible?

Hm……….I never tried so I might be wrong but I think it is not possible

It is a sub-command related to tappable command………

:thinking: I don’t think the code supports it.

I mean, in principle, you could make a tiny, invisible overlay that hides in the corner or something, so the readers would never tap it.

But I’m not sure how you’d get out of pan mode without a tappable overlay, tapping the overlay to end panning seems to be the only way to get the story to continue. :thinking:

Ive seen that kind of coding used in story “The wall” but I’m not uqite sure how the author managed to do that.

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