Is it possible to only release 1 episode then lock the rest?

So im gonna release episode 1 of my new story today, however, in the app it’s gonna show that i published 3 episodes, when really only ep 1 is available and the rest is locked. Is that against the guidelines or?


Well I mean, technically not- As long as the second episode has a lock, no one can really move on to the third. Episode does suggest that each episode has about 2000-some lines of dialogue. BUTTTT That’s not really a rule you have to follow…

If you explain the lock to the readers, it should probably be fine :woman_shrugging:

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Oh ok, sure.

Actually, I’m pretty sure it IS against the guidelines if you only publish 1 episode and lock the others, since technically you need ALL three for it to be following them.

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I’m not quite sure what you mean, could you explain it further?

I’m pretty sure that many stories have been reported and taken down for only having 1 functional episode out of the 3 needed, and under the guidelines is says:
“ Your story must be at least 3 episodes long.”
which I’m sure means you need all three to be functional.


First off, it’s against the guidelines and in case Episode finds out about this, they might remove it from the app.
Secondly, you won’t be getting any reads even if people actually read the first chapter of your story unless you release a second, atleast.


Oh ok i see…

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