Is it possible to publish a story from phone?

Is it possible to publish a story from phone? Or it’s available for creation only?


I don’t think so it’s possible to publish a story from your phone…

Yes it is! :blush: Either through the app (it has simpler animations but is much easier to spot direct and view, probably best for beginners) or on the actual website just through your phone (annoying and uncomfortable but still do able) hope this helped!

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With me I can only share it on Whatsapp or Pinterest etc. but not one Episode


huh thats weird, it lets me…


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I don’t think it is- but you can go to the website and publish it there if it’s already ready… But once you’ve edited it via website it doesn’t let you continue editing the story via phone :thinking: Atleast it’s for me like that :sweat_smile:

You can’t publish a story from phone.
You have to log in on your account on and publish from there
If you want keep writing on mobile have a look here:
📱 HOW TO: Carry on writing on Mobile

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