Is it possible to remove a gain?

For example, in my story I give my readers the choice to go to a place. But then I want to give them the choice to back out. But I already gave them the gain to go to that place, is there anyway to actually remove the gain I gave them? (I know I could put the gain when they’re going to back out, but it’s only an example.)

I believe there is no possible way to lose gains, but you don’t have to let the gain play out if you don’t want to since the reader can’t see if they’ve gained something or not (unless you tell them so).

Use the lose command


gain (gain)
Would you like to back out?
“Yes” {
lose (gain)
} “No” {

Omg, thanks a lot! :joy::two_hearts:

Your welcome!

That is not a valid command. There is no command to lose flags.

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Episode has a guide that even mentions the code.

That code you provided does not exist. There is no way to lose flags for regular users.

I must have misread something.
My bad.

There is no way to remove the gain you can just use a yes or no choice