Is it possible to upload a 4 or 5 zone background? If so, what are the measurements?

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Hi, here’s what I found from another thread, hope this helps :blush:

I’m not entirely sure but I think you would just do 640 x 4 or 640 x 5 since 1 zone is 640 and 2 zone is 1280 which is just 640 x 2 and likewise 640 x 3 is 1920 the size of a 3 zone.

So a 5 Zone one would be 3200 x 1136 and a 4 zone would be 2560 x 1136.

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I don’t think you can upload a background bigger than the 3 zones measurements, it would just get cropped.
I can tell you from experience though that the higher the zoom you set on a 3 zone background the more zones you’re able to use when coding.
I discovered this because I was trying to use the @pan to zone 3 in s command while zooming and the pan would just stop in zone 1 and I was very confused until I figured that my background was being divided in more zones because it was zoomed.
So, while I don’t think you can upload a bigger background, I know you can definitely use up to 5 zones if you zoom.

You can also go the route of uploading your background as an overlay. That opens up more possibilities as well.

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