Is it really okay for Episode and authors to be profitting off of teacher student relationships in the #MeToo Movement?

Oh my god ikr! It is so stupid. Like the Teacher, Pregnant By the Student, etc. I mean it is not normal!


exactly. If this site was for adults then fine engage in whatever roleplay you want but it’s not. This app specifically targets teen girls as their main demographic.


For me personally, I don’t read them. I find them gross and wrong - even as 2 consenting adults there is still a problem there for me. Was there an attraction before the legal age? If not, how convenient that it only happened after their 18th birthday?

It wouldn’t bother me if the student grew up to way past high school age and then the relationship, but all the stories on Episode feature 18 year old’s so it’s … wrong. For me anyway.

And I’ve noticed a lot more teachers being arrested for having relationships with their students lately, not sure if anyone else has?


It’s the power dynamics for me personally. Even if you are an adult student, a student is still in a vulnerable position. Like let’s stop creating a unicorns and rainbows version of student teacher romances because that’s not how it works lol.


Yes. Like people need to change these stories. I’m creating this story called The Most Cliche Story Ever, it is basically all the common cliches but funnier. It is a comedy. But it shows meaning to the story that we shouldn’t have these cliches stories.


I completely agree. I’m from England and I remember a couple of years ago when a student and a teacher ran off together to France and were on the run for a month - it’s called grooming but apparently that word hasn’t stretched as far as Episode yet.

A story I’m not sure if I’ll ever publish actually includes a teacher/student relationship (student is 18) but the teacher is arrested and goes to jail because that’s what happens in the real world.


Personally, I don’t like that Episode feature stories seem to always revolve around one problematic theme or another. It’s not just teacher x student relationships. There’s other ones I find issues with too.

I understand there’s nothing in the guidelines about this, and I understand why people write about it -it gets the reads. There’s technically nothing “wrong” with problematic topics that may or may not promote the wrong kind of message. But for Episode themselves to constantly be covering their app with these topics is frankly annoying.

The fact that you now have to read a set amount of featured stories when you’re a new user signing up speaks VOLUMES about how much they care about the message they send. It really is money over matter. Where is the wholesome family-friendly kind of Episode featured stories? Why are they not promoting those? I mean, we can argue that just because the forums doesn’t seem to like the teacher/student trope, doesn’t mean that readers don’t like, but how can you really measure that when the app is so unfairly geared towards promoting Episode Official stories?


yeah you’re right, it’s not just this story that is problematic in this time. Remember the stealing your bra story? That was just as wrong and tone deaf of episode to do as well, it was border line sexual harassment if not already lol. And even if there’s nothing specifically mentioned in the guidelines, like I mentioned in the title of the post, is it still okay for authors and episode to be profiting off of unhealthy relationships for the sake of reads and profit? Especially in these times when people are coming out about these situations, episode seems to be glamorizing them. Does it make it okay based on technicalities and loopholes? I get that money is important but other apps like choices make money while keeping up with the times. How far are they willing to go?


Something I’ve thought about before - I would be interested to see how Episode would react if someone sent news outlets screenshots of all of the problematic stories, features available on an app aimed at 13 year olds.


It’s just that the app is becoming less like “choose your own story” because all the stories to choose from are all the same now anyway.Because the “same” makes them money. I would love them to create just like one featured Adventure story, where there is minimal romance and no sex, and see if it really does flops in comparison to My First Everything.

I feel like I’m drifting off topic, so what I will add is that I strongly believe that they keep making stories like this because they make money… What they need to realise now though, is that they also have power. Enough power to change the current trends so that other themes will be popular and make them money instead.


Same honestly. That’s actually a very good idea lol. This app targets teen girls. When I first heard of episode, I saw an ad on tumblr, a website that consists mostly of teens. Everytime I used tumblr, I would see an episode post. Episode clearly has a main demographic and they put up stories like these for underaged girls smh.



Honestly, I question whether the parents of any of these 13 year olds would actually let their teenager read some of the stuff on Episode if they knew what it consisted of.


Highschool student and teacher? 100% wrong. Underage and position of power.

College student and professor? Still wrong in position of power, but they’re not underage.

I just find it gross crushing or lusting for someone that is almost twice your age, but in most of these stories the teacher/professor is still young :roll_eyes:

I really don’t see the appeal of any of it!


YES​:clap:t2:QUEEN :clap:t2: PREACH​:clap:t2:


the student teacher relationships disgust me. i don’t see why anyone wants to write those. most of them aren’t even interesting. i wish there were different stories. most stories in romance are very cliche.

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When is episode going to realize that we don’t want to read these types of stories!? After constant threads, comments and complaints they still promote stories like this when there are far better and much more enjoyable stories to read/write :woman_facepalming:t4:

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People will do anything just to get the clicks, attention, and love.
Most Episode stories that are considered good, consists of a goody-two shoes falling in love with a bad boy, a girl falling in love with a teacher, or a girl affiliated with a gang.
To me, this shit needs to stop, because first of all your non-creative ass needs to learn how to come up with new story ideas, instead of bad boys, and other stupid shit.
Second of all, we should be getting some sort of profit for going through these dumb ass stories, which consists of sexual content when most of the Episode community are young readers.
Third of all, if an author is going to make a sex-related story then they should add warnings because you never know who’s finna read it.

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It’s not okay at all.
Sadly, sex sells.


Wow. Just wow. Money-making at its best.
I never had to go through any of that. Then again, I’m not a new user at all.


People are running out of ideas.